Srirangapatna is one of the most interesting historical cities in Southern India. The former capital of Tipu Sultan's empire is a classic example of medieval Indian Architecture. And, the fact that most of the relics from the past here are excellently preserved, makes it all the more exciting for history lovers. The city is also abundant in natural beauty as it sits cocooned by the River Kaveri.

Young Island Resorts in Srirangapatna, offers the best of hospitality and leisure services in the town. We have an expansive complex where you can relax and the ideal location of our resort means, you can easily explore the mysterious past of this historical city.

The resort has a choice of Standard, Deluxe and Club rooms for you. Each room category is designed to offer maximum comfort and you can always go for an upgrade to have a more premium experience. The rooms are serviced by excellent housekeeping services and we also have an in-house restaurant to serve room service orders.

You can also visit the restaurant's dining area for a more hands-on experience, where our expert chefs and staff deliver a prompt service. The menu at the restaurant is extensive and you will definitely leave with tingling taste buds after a meal.

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